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Animal Osteopathy


Our osteopaths are also able to provide osteopathic treatment for your horse or dog.


Horses' and dogs' active lifestyles, especially if they are competition animals, can take their toll, and when things go wrong, they can't tell you where it hurts. Instead they might exhibit other signs, such as altered behaviour, lameness, crookedness, or being unable to jump or turn normally.


Osteopathy has been used to treat animals safely and effectively for over 30 years. Using a series of mobilisations to the joints and soft tissues throughout the body, osteopaths can detect and treat restrictions and relieve pain, often with instantly visible results.


To arrange treatment for your horse please follow the link below to Marianne’s website, where you will find her contact details.


We care able to see dogs at Lowbourne Osteopaths clinic at certain times during the week. For more information please contact us on

 01225 704883.



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