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Alison Blackett ITEC Dip Reflexology


Alison is an established and experienced reflexologist. Over the last 14 years she has built up a loyal client base, and she is dedicated to making a difference to her customers’ quality of life.


About Reflexology


Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, China and India. Our feet are maps of our entire bodies, they contain thousands of tiny nerve endings called reflexes which correspond to each and every function and structure of the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points, stimulation to the nerve system occurs, revitalising and balancing the body and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.                                   


How can reflexology help you?


Reflexology is a fantastic form of stress relief. It relaxes the body and mind and delivers an instant sense of wellbeing.  

Reflexology is also becoming increasingly popular as a complementary therapy to work alongside conventional medicine. It is recognised by many in the medical profession as a way of treating some conditions by working on the feet to heal the whole person, and not simply the prevailing symptoms. 


Conditions commonly treated are:


  Back pain                    • Migraine


  Digestive disorders     • Arthritis


  Hormonal imbalances• Sleep disorders


  High blood pressure    • Chronic fatigue


  Stress related conditions 





The treatment was not only very relaxing but had an instant effect on my anxiety and stress levels. Alison is very knowledgeable about the practice of reflexology and highly professional. I would highly recommend her for reflexology therapy.


Charlotte S. Bradford on Avon      


 I have been receiving reflexology treatments from Alison for years now, covering a range of ailments. I am amazed at how responsive I am to this treatment. I suffer with erratic sleep patterns and lack of energy as a result. After just a couple of treatments, my sleep cycle improved and I felt more energised. Alison is very thorough and takes the time to listen to me. I would recommend her services. 

Matt K. Bristol


 I was sceptical about reflexology but after my GP recommended it I thought I should give it a go! I have Tinnitus which is not curable, however my GP informed me that reflexology can sometimes help with the body's coping mechanism and assist with desensitisation. After a few sessions, I noticed an improvement and although my Tinnitus will never go, I feel much calmer and my sleep has improved. Her knowledge and experience gives me huge confidence, and I always leave feeling revitalised. 

Emma C. Bath



I’ve been having reflexology sessions with Alison since 2008 and find the treatments beneficial and enjoyable. I continue to look forward to each session and invariably feel better afterwards. I would thoroughly recommend Alison to anyone looking to have a reflexology treatment. Keep up the excellent work!


Nan S. Bath


To arrange an appointment please call 01225 704883








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