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Sports Massage Therapy


Whether you are an elite athlete, aspiring amateur or just a Saturday morning jogger, sports rehabilitation can help you get the best from your body. You may be recovering from injury, wish to improve your mobility and flexibility or just want to stay in tip-top condition, at Lowbourne Osteopaths we can provide effective sports therapy including sports massage, taping and rehab exercises to keep you on track. 


The term “sports injury” can also refer to any injury that occurs suddenly, be that through impact, a fall, or a sudden movement, or an issue that comes on over time through a repetitive action – back or shoulder pain from playing golf and knee pain from running or walking are examples of this.

The injury needn’t even be due to a sporting activity – having a fall due to tripping can cause the same kind of injury as falling while playing football, for example, but can still benefit from deep tissue massage, which will relax and ease tight muscles and improve joint mobility.

Sports massage works on the soft tissues of the body (muscles and tendons) to reduce pain and stiffness and to stimulate circulation, promoting tissue healing. 





Sports (Kinesio) taping:  this is the brightly coloured tape you may have seen used by elite athletes at the Olympics. Taping supports muscles and can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.


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