Osteopathy & physiotherapy      1st appointment                                  £75.00  
Adult follow-up appointment                                                                £52.00  
Children/babies follow-up                                                                    £48.00  
2 osteopaths *                                                                                    Adult £75/Child £60  

 Perrin Technique     1st appt                                                        £75

                              Follow up                                                      £52


Acupuncture                                                  1st appoint £68/Follow-up £48

Counselling/Hypnotherapy                               £55

Initial consultation and sports massage 1 hour  £55

Follow-up sports massage  60 mins                  £50

Follow-up sports massage 30 mins                   £38 

Massage therapy 1 hour                                  £50

Back, neck and shoulders massage                   £38

Kinesiology                                                     £45 adult/child

Reiki 60 mins                                                  £50

Reiki and meditation  90 mins                           £70 

 Reflexology - first appt                                    £50

Reflexology - follow-up appt                             £40                  





*Two osteopaths offer the patient the opportunity for a second opinion and a faster treatment schedule.

We are accepted by most health insurance companies (AXA, Aviva, Simply Health, Norwich Union etc. We are not registered as a BUPA provider.)

Contact your insurance companies for their referral guidelines, as some require a GP referral.

We can offer, by a written proposal from your solicitor/motor insurance company, an account payable by them direct or at the end of treatment, but only when terms have been authorised, otherwise all fees are normally due on the day of consultation.

Fees are also charged for report writing. The cost is dependent on the complexity of the report.

If a booking is missed or a cancellation is deemed to be at short notice, a fee may be charged. Please try to give a minimum of 24 hours notice.