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Local Osteopath Pioneer

Local Osteopath Angela Stevenson who works from Lowbourne Osteopaths in Melksham, is helping to pioneer the development of a new therapy from the USA. Last weekend she was Instructor for the first UK course in Frequency Specific Microcurrent in London.  Working with Dr Carol McMakin, who had travelled from the USA to teach the course, Angela is excited to be one of the few practitioners involved in initiating the development of this therapy amongst practitioners in England. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) uses a very small electrical current with varying frequencies. The current is tiny – one millioneth of an amp – smaller than TENS which is commonly used for pain relief. This current has been shown in research to increase the molecules used for energy in the body’s cells by as much as 500%. This helps tissues to repair quickly. Specific frequencies are used to resonate with specific tissues in the body. For example there is a frequency for muscle, one for bone, one for nerve etc. Angela has found this therapy to be invaluable in her osteopathic work.

‘I have been using FSM for 4 years now and the frequencies appear to reduce inflammation and scar tissue really well. I have had good results with nerve root pain and chronic low back pain where there is also a history of abdominal scar tissue from surgery or bleeding. I think Microcurrent will become an important option in the years to come as we try to find therapies that avoid the side effects of medication. ‘says Angela.

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