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In older people osteopathic treatment aims to maintain mobility, ease aches and pains and promote well being.

What do osteopaths do?

The body can be likened to a car, in that it needs regular servicing and maintenance as it gets older! Osteopaths treat the whole person not just conditions, and thus a very wide variety of different problems can be helped. Osteopathic treatment is aimed at releasing strains and stresses that have often accumulated in the body over many years, thus improving mobility and the circulation to all parts of the body. The result is often an improvement in many different aspects of health.

How many treatments are needed?

Sometimes only a few treatments are needed, other people may take benefit from regular treatment, or an occasional "service" every few months to keep the body moving well.

Common conditions that people see an osteopath with are:



This is the most common symptom of getting older. It can occur in many of the joints in the body, while some joints such as the hips and knees are more vulnerable than others.

Symptoms and signs: Enlargement and persistent swelling of a joint; aching, pain and stiffness, which is worse on initially moving a joint after resting; increased pain and swelling if the joint is overused. Arthritis can affect any joint in the body, but the back, hips and knees are some of the most debilitating.


Osteopathic treatment improves circulation around the joint and improves mobility. Treatment to ease old strains held within the body will enable the joints to move easily.

If replacement surgery is finally needed, we can offer rehabilitation after surgery.


We offer physiotherapy rehabilitation in addition to osteopathy at Lowbourne Osteopaths.  Our physio can guide you through exercises after surgery and advise you, building your confidence.

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